New stable releases: driver_common 0.2.0, imu_drivers 0.2.0, camera_drivers 0.2.0, and laser_drivers 0.2.0

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We have released several more stacks into our stable release process: driver_common 0.2.0, imu_drivers 0.2.0, camera_drivers 0.2.0, and laser_drivers 0.2.0. We have also released image_pipeline 0.1.1, which will soon be in stable release as well. These stacks contain drivers for publicly available sensors, such as Hokuyo and SICK laser range finders, firewire cameras, and the microstrain 3dmgx2 IMU.

With these releases, all driver-related components for our Milestone 3 effort are now stable. This means that feature development for these components is largely concluded for this release cycle and that every effort will be made to ensure that future modifications to the public APIs in these stacks will be done in a backwards-compatible manner.


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