New repository: zeroconf-ros-pkg

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Announcement by Daniel Stonier (Yujin Robot) to ros-users

Hi all,

We would like to announce a new stack:

It is intended to be a building block that can be used to conveniently provide c++/java/ros api for handling zero-configuration services in a ros framework.

Right now it has a fairly complete linux avahi implementation and some testing code for java/android, but we'd like to also include bonjour and embedded implementations for completeness. Before going any further though, there are various open design issues that would ideally be best served by gathering interested parties to seek a consensus. Once the wiki pages are up with some info so people can do some browsing/testing, we'll invite people for an official api review to help refine the development process.

Stay tuned!

Daniel Stonier (Yujin Robot)

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