New BRIDE release 0.2.0

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From Alex Bubeck of Fraunhofer IPA via ros-users@

Hi ros-users and bride-users,

I would like to announce the new release of BRIDE for ROS.

In addition to multiple small fixes these are the new features of the 0.2.0 release:

* Graphical creation of System models: Components can now be added graphically to the system model. No xml hacking any more!

* Coordinator development: You can develop state machines in BRIDE now, so called Coordinator Components. They make use of the Capability Components in you system by triggering actionservers or serviceclients. The Coordinator models are code generated into SMACH components and appear as regular components in the system diagram.

* Action support in code generation: ActionServers are now auto-generated. Only the execution_callback has to be implemented in the user code in the corresponding user_code section.

* Standalone compiler: In the bride_compiler package there is a standalone compiler to use the code generation without Eclipse. Code generation can also be triggered by running "make regen" in the terminal for updating after changes in the model.

As the templates are in the separate bride_templates package, it is now easier to recommend changes in the templates and improve them in smaller iterations.

As usual the installation instructions are on the wiki page and the updated tutorials are at The binary releases are currently in the build pipeline and should be available soon.

Feel free to give feedback directly, by mailing-list or post bugs and feature requests at

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