ROS Software Engineering Positions and internships advertised

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These are recent job postings collected from ros-users@. Below are advertisements of openings from Vecna, hiDOF, UT Austin Nuclear and Applied Robotics Group, and BZ Robot

Robotics research internships/co-op positions at Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics has openings for several intern and Co-op positions in manipulation, controls, vision, and task planning as described below.

* Manipulation and Controls Intern/Co-op *

We are looking for an intern or co-op to work on a project developing (multi-sensor) kinematic/dynamic parameter estimation techniques for robotic arms.

Desired Qualifications:
 - Currently pursuing MS/PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent engineering field with a focus on robotics
 - Working understanding of robot kinematics and dynamics
 - Experience in control and optimization
 - Proficient in Python and C/C++ development
 - Proficient in a Linux environment
 - Experience with ROS/MoveIt!
 - Experience with computer vision is a plus
 - Experience with real world robotic arms is a plus

* Task planning Intern/Co-op *

We are looking for an intern or co-op to work on a project developing task planning and scheduling techniques for coordinating teams of autonomous robots.

Desired Qualifications:
  - Currently pursuing MS/PhD in Computer Science or engineering field with a focus on robotics
  - Experience with task planning and scheduling algorithms
  - Strong programming skills in C/C++ and Java
  - Proficient in a Linux environment
  - Experience with ROS
  - Experience with real robots is a plus

* Computer Vision Intern/Co-op *

We are looking for an intern or co-op to work on computer vision techniques for robot navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Desired Qualifications:
 - Currently pursuing PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent engineering field with a focus on robotics
 - Strong background in computer vision, image processing, and related fields
 - Hands-on experience in computer vision especially in 3D reconstruction, camera pose estimation, 2D and 3D tracking, and object recognition
 - Proficient with C/C++ and computer vision libraries (OpenCV)
 - Proficient in a Linux environment
 - Experience with ROS
 - Preferably have experience in research projects that published in top venues (ICCV/CVPR/ECCV/ISMAR/VR, etc)
 - Preferably have experience in real-time computer vision systems

Interested candidates should apply online at to the "Robotics Graduate Student Internship/Co-op" job opening. Please indicate for which project you would like to be considered.

Please do not reply to me directly, I cannot respond to individual requests. General questions can be sent

Software Engineering Positions at hiDOF

About hiDOF:
hiDOF was founded by former Willow Garage engineers and seeks to solve challenging problems in robotics, 3D computer vision, sensor processing, motion control, and motion planning spaces. We've worked on everything from giant industrial robots, to autonomous vehicles, to 3D SLAM on mobile platforms, to medical image processing, to visualizing and processing large 3D point clouds.  Google's Project Tango and SSS Manufacturing are great examples of this.

We focus on technology transfer applications, leveraging our academic ties and strong software engineering fundamentals. We are roboticists that possess the programming chops, tools, and infrastructure to take technologies explored in research applications to hardened, deployed products.

Job Description:
At hiDOF, we're looking to add talented individuals to our team. If you're looking to join a small team of passionate engineers, looking for a fun, engaging, and technically challenging environment, hiDOF is the place for you. On our side, we look for applicants who:
  • Have a MS or PhD in a robotics related field. (A BS with relevant work experience is also acceptable)
  • Are solid software engineers and experienced C++ programmers
  • Are comfortable working in a Linux environment
  • Have experience with the ROS toolchain :-)
  • Possess solid communication skills, are comfortable joining in on a passionate technical discussion, love working in teams, and are fun to be around.
  • Have expertise in any of the following areas:
    • 3D Vision and VSLAM
    • 2D Image Processing
    • Real Time control
    • Planar Robot Path Planning
    • Robot Arm Motion Planning
    • Nonlinear Optimization
    • Machine Learning
    • Mobile Device Development

Application Materials:
  • Cover letter
  • Resume/CV
  • Downloadable code sample(s)
  • Two references and/or two letters of recommendation
  • A recent publication or statement of past experiences
Send your Application Materials and links to any projects you'd like us to take a look at to

UT Austin Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group

The Nuclear & Applied Robotics Group ( at the University of Texas at Austin is looking for one outstanding candidate to fill a postdoctoral position in the area of mobile manipulation. The appointment is for one year and renewable yearly by mutual agreement. The candidate must have completed their degree within the last three years and be a US citizen. The start date for the position is ideally September 1, 2014.

The successful candidate will have a PhD with an emphasis on robotics within mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science or a related field. The candidate must be prepared to complete a security background check to work in nuclear and/or government facilities.

A successful candidate will have completed a dissertation that is topical to mobile manipulation and also must have extensive experience using ROS. U.T. Austin has recently acquired a mobile manipulation system consisting of a Husky mobile platform with two UR5 manipulators. More detail is available on our web site.

The candidate will be expected to take a leadership role in developing new capabilities for the platform relevant to our sponsor as well as coordinate and mentor graduate/undergraduate research associates contributing to the project. Key areas of interest are task planning, navigation, manipulation in the presence of the uncertainty, and sensor (vision, IMU, radiation, etc.) data fusion for visualization and decision making. The candidate will also be expected to help maintain and coordinate collaboratively developed software packages. Candidates will have the opportunity to propose and pursue new and novel avenues for advancing the autonomy or manipulation capabilities for this system.

To apply, email a single file containing your CV and a one page summary of your research interests to Please keep the file below 2MB and use the subject line LANL Postdoc Application: Last name, First name. Applications received by June 15, 2014 will receive full consideration and applications will continue to be accepted until the position is filled. For more information, visit

Control Hardware/Software Engineer at BZ Robot, Mountain View, California

BZ Robot Inc, an exciting startup in Mountain View, California, USA, is
looking for excellent candidates with expertise in real-time control
systems (hardware/software), machine vision, autonomous navigation and
robotic manipulation. Opportunities of being a member of the founding team
that consists of top-tier robotics experts are provided.

BZ Robot Inc. offers a fast-paced work environment, very competitive
compensation, stock option, medical and 401K retirement plan benefits.

Degree Level: B.E with 5 years of prior experience, M.S. with at least 3
years experience or Ph.D.;
Fresh graduate students from top-tier universities are also welcome to apply

Major(s): Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or a related field.

Position 1: Control Hardware Engineer
Your Duties and Tasks:
- Designing multilayer PCBs and firmware for functions including power
regulation, motor control, sensor interfaces, and communications; digital
circuit function testing, and verification
- Coordinate with the software team on verification of various algorithms

Skills / Job Requirements:
 - Excellent knowledge and proven expertise in microprocessors such as ARM,
 - Proven expertise in sensor electronics, including vision, laser, DIO,AIO
 - Excellent expertise in industrial data bus including Ethercat,
Ethernet/IP, CAN bus.
 - Knowledge of RTOS, preferring RTEMS and OROCOS
 - Proven system integration skills

Position 2: Control Software Engineer
Your Duties and Tasks:
 - Programming of various robot algorithms including motion planning,
kinematics, servo control, dynamics
 -  Algorithms for autonomous or semi-autonomous navigation
 -  Algorithms for robotic manipulation
 -  Computer vision
 -  Tracking algorithm

Skills / Job Requirements:
 - Excellent knowledge and proven expertise in software architecture -
Excellent C++ programming expertise required
 - Knowledge of Linux, and RTOS
 - The ability to develop, understand and implement complex algorithms
efficiently and correctly
 - Experience with modern software engineering tools
 - Experience working independently in a large software setting
 - Experience working on controller electronics hardware is a plus,
  - Experience with robot simulation environments and ROS is a plus
 - Excellent communication skills and demonstrate a proven ability to
multitask and deliver on challenging software development tasks
 - experience bringing a product to market

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