New driver for DepthSense DS325 3D Camera

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From Walter Lucetti via ros-users@

if someone is searching for a driver for the DepthSense DS325 RGB-D time-to-flight camera, I'm glad to say that the first working version of it is available on Github:

At this stage the driver can correctly publish RGB videostream, Simple XYZ Pointcloud and RGB XYZ Pointcloud.

One of the strenght of my driver is the fact that it does not use neither OpenCV nor PCL libraries.
It publishes only  sensor_msg::pointcloud2 and sensor_msg::Image messages.

The next step will be the porting on CUDA of the heaviest function like the RGB to XYZ mapping and the use of the builtin accelerometer to compensate robot asset.
I will also write the code to simulate a 2D laser scanner to provide full information... if requested.

All this with an eye on the use of 100% of the potential of NVidia Jetson TK1...

Any comment or debug will be really appreciated

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