ROS Summer School in Turkey

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From U?ur Yayan

In Turkey, many college students, researchers and engineers have been learning and using ROS and seeing its value and benefits. Although some people claim learning and using ROS is a slow and painful process, we disagree. 2nd ROS Summer Schools 2015 which is organized by Eskisehir Osmangazi University & Inovasyon Muhendislik, Eskisehir Turkey, ensures a rapid and comprehensive learning chance for ROS users.


The goal of the summer school is to provide participants with hands-on laboratory experience, programming and offline simulation skills and to give them an introduction to novel technologies and trends in the ROS. This hands-on programme provides participants with the opportunity of practical work with ROS. Within programming and offline simulation sessions students will gain skills in real environment by using fully ROS compatible EvARobot which is developed by Inovasyon Muhendislik. The Robotics Summer School includes three-days of workshops and lectures to all trainees (Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Postdoctoral fellows).


In our summer school, first day, information will be provided about the recent state of mobile robot and autonomous vehicle studies. After that introductory practical education for Linux/ROS and its applications will be given. In the second day GAZEBO simulation environment is learned (building an environment and robot model, collection of sensory data (kinect, encoder, sonar, lidar), ROS basic libraries for autonomous vehicles). In the third day fully ROS compatible EvARobot is presented. Also some real environment test and demonstrations (wander, remote control, collection of sensory data (kinect, encoder, sonar, lidar), SLAM-AMCL etc.) are implemented by using EvARobot.


Program details are below.

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