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Gaitech International Ltd is happy to announce the release of its educational portal, Gaitech EDU.


Gaitech EDU provides a comprehensive educational framework on Robot Operating System (ROS) through a series of tutorials and online videos.

Gaitech EDU is an educational website on robotics and in particular on Robot Operating System (ROS). The objective is to provide an easy-to-follow educational content that helps in better mastering the concepts of ROS and promoting its use for developing robotics software. Gaitech company strives to contribute to the development of ROS and provides its customers and ROS users with technical support and an open education framework to learn ROS.

Gaitech Education website is NOT meant to be a substitue of ROS wiki documentation website, but a complementary website that is more oriented to providing education and teaching material.

As the primary objective of Gaitech EDU is to promote education of ROS, tutorials were designed with teaching objectives in mind. Each tutorial starts with Learning outcomes that the student or the learned is expected to know at the end of the tutorial. Then, the tutorial is provided in both textual format and/or video illustrations. Finally, a series of review questions are proposed so that the student self-evaluation his understanding about the concepts presented in the tutorial. It can be used as additional teaching resources in robotics courses using ROS.

More details could be found in the FAQs in the website

In addition, Gaitech provides the Gaitech EDU Forum where users and customers may ask questions and post comments about the educational content. In addition, a mailing list is available to stay tuned with any updates of the educational content.

Enjoy using and sharing Gaitech EDU portal. We will be happy to receive your comments about the Gaitech EDU Portal.

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