TurtleBot 4 Pre-Orders Now Available!

Our flagship ROS 2 educational robot is here and is ready for your home or classroom.

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Noetic Ninjemys

ROS Noetic Ninjemys is latest ROS 1 LTS Release targeted at the Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) release, though other systems are supported to varying degrees.

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ROS Humble Hawksbill

Humble Hawksbill is the latest long term support ROS 2 release. It installs easily on Ubuntu 22.04 Jammy Jellyfish and Windows 10.

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TurtleBot4 Pre-Orders Now Open!

Our First ROS 2 TurtleBot

We are happy to announce that pre-orders are now open for the TurtleBot 4! After a deep collaboration with our partners at , the world’s first native ROS 2 TurtleBot is now available for pre-order! We’re incredibly excited to reach this milestone as it is huge accomplishment for Open Robotics, ROS 2, and the TurtleBot line of educational robots. We look forward to having a dedicated hardware platform for ROS 2 education; and we’re sure the community will enjoy the wonderful new features we’ve packed into the TurtleBot 4. While the manufacturing and design of the TurtleBot 4 was led by Clearpath Robotics, it really has been a team effort between multiple organizations in the ROS 2 ecosystem. The results are truly a work of shared vision by a number of leaders in the field of robotics.


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