New Open Robotics Discord Server

Connect with ROS, Gazebo, and Open-RMF Users

New Open Robotics Discord Server

As part of the growth of OSRF as a fully-independent entity, we’re reviewing all the services we do provide or should provide to the community for our projects - ROS, Gazebo, Open-RMF, and, although most don’t realize it, the infrastructure that supports them. Amongst those services are those used for communication by the community of users of the above projects. To support those members of the community who prefer a real-time chat-based method, OSRF has decided to launch an official Discord server.

This server contains spaces to talk about all OSRF projects, as well as talk about OSRF in general. In general, we hope it will be used for such things as the following.

  • Talking about OSRF projects (ROS, Gazebo, Open-RMF, and Infrastructure).

  • Informally discussing ideas for improvements before taking the result of those discussions to a more long-form medium such as GitHub issues, PRs, and Discourse.

  • Informally proposing how to implement or fix an issue from GitHub, such as asking if how you want to fix a bug would be a good way to do it, before making a PR.

  • Chatting to others about your cool robot project.

  • Organizing community events, both in your area and online.

For more information and a link to join the Discord server, see this post on the ROS Discourse.