ROS Media and Visual Assets

Logos, Distros, and More!

Looking for a ROS Image?

We provide a wide variety of visual assets that the ROS community can use for their own projects and events. Most of the images are provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. The ROS distribution images and illustrations were created by San Francisco based illustrator Joshua Ellingson

High quality vector files of the ROS “nine dot” Logo can be found in the ROS Press Kit and Logos. Trademark and usage information for the ROS name and nine dot logo can be found in the ROS Brand Guide. The “ROS” name, the “Nine Dots” ROS logo, and other ROS trademarks are property of Open Source Robotics Foundation (“Open Robotics”). All creatives that include or reference ROS trademarks must be reviewed and fully approved by Open Robotics. Requests for information about the trademark, and applications for its use can be sent to

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