geometry 0.3.0 released

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There are a number of changes. Most notably the usage of frame_id and parent_id, in Transform datatypes,have changed to child_frame_id and frame_id respectively to be consistent with all other data types.

There have been a few modifications to the bullet API. The goal is to converge onto bullet's API without patches. To get there please read about the patches applied.

Also, in geometry-0.2.0, the topic on which tf operates was changed from /tf_message to /tf. The library will continue listening on the old topic name for backwards compatibility.

Major Changes

  • tf:
    • Usage of tf::Stamped deprecated in favor of tf::StampedTransform
    • parent_id -> frame_id
    • frame_id -> child_frame_id
    • transform_sender replaced by static_transform_publisher to allow backwards compatibility with this change
  • bullet:
  • Updated patches. Highlights below.
  • Deprecated set/getEulerZYX methods
  • Added get/setRPY methods
  • cleaned up documentation
  • various bug fixes

Minor Changes

  • clean up of ~params
  • removal of deprecated Node API usage
  • tf_echo printouts cleaner
  • tf_monitor is working and has better display


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