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Software Engineer position at Cyberdyne Inc. (Japan)

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from Martin Peris Martorell via ros-users@

"Dreaming" or "Passion" is valuable, but a "Heart for Caring for Others" is much more important. If one has the heart to care for people and society, one cannot idly stand by, but will proactively think and take immediate actions for a brighter future. This is the heart of Cyberdyne and we are looking for a Software Engineer experienced in ROS to help shaping that future.

About the job

We require a software engineer with broad experience in ROS and its components: simulators, visualisation tools, navigation, sensors, actuators and others. You will have the chance to join a highly dynamic and creative group of engineers with different backgrounds and skills working on real-world robotic applications.

Your main responsibilities will be:
 - Develop and maintain ROS software packages.
 - Prototype robots in simulated environment.
 - Implement and test algorithms in both simulated and real robots.

 - MSc in Computer Science or related field (preferable PhD)
 - ROS proficiency
 - Fluency in C/C++ (other languages are welcome)
 - Software Development experience under Linux/OS X environment
 - Hands-on experience with autonomous robots

Nice to have
 - PLC experience
 - Japanese language ability 
 - Currently residing in Japan (although we can sponsor a Visa)

If you feel you are the person we are looking for, let me know at martin_peris@cyberdyne.jp, send your cover letter (max 1 page) and your CV (max 2 pages) in PDF format. And to proof that you are human (or at least a robotic life form advanced enough to understand this e-mail and fulfil the requirements of the job position) state "Hasta la vista, baby" in the subject of your e-mail.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards.
From Florian Weißhardt at Fraunhofer IPA via ros-users@

We've finished the new modular service robot generation of Care-O-bot - Care-O-bot 4.


Bild 1_Care-O-bot 4.jpg

In comparison to its predecessors, Care-O-bot 4 stands out in its modular design, extraordinary agility and multi-modal  interactivity. The five independent modules - mobile base, torso, arms, sensor ring, head - are easily plugged through standard connectors.  Care-O-bot can be thus be individually configured depending on the intended application: you can use the compact omnidirectional mobile base alone as a compact transportation device for payloads up to 150 kg. Equip the robot with one arm for simple manipulation tasks or with two arms for bimanual manipulation. If your application requires a large workspace of the arms, a spherical joint can be integrated that allows the torso to roll, pitch and yaw. This can be particularly helpful for picking objects from a shelf at different levels. A camera in the one fingered gripper enables object detection even in regions that are not covered by the cameras in the sensor ring or in the torso. Equip the Care-O-bot with a second spherical joint between torso and head if you need a large sensor coverage. Or if you want to move the touch screen integrated in the robot's head to a comfortable position for the individual user.


Discover all configuration options and all special features on the Care-O-bot website: www.care-o-bot.de.


Bild 2_Care-O-bot 4.jpg

Watch Care-O-bot 4 as a gentleman:


Like for Care-O-bot 3, open source ROS drivers and simulation models are provided for all modules (see http://wiki.ros.org/care-o-bot). We intend to make it available as research platform for service robotics soon.  A the same time we envision to build a platform to create individual service robot solutions for commercial applications.


We are always looking for partners to advance the state-of-the art in service robotics and enlarge the ROS-based Care-O-bot community. Additionally to that we're searching for skilled ROS developers and have various open positions, see previous post at http://lists.ros.org/pipermail/ros-users/2014-October/069034.html.


Please let us know if you are interested to get more information on Care-O-bot 4. We are looking forward to any feedback!

New ROS robot development kit from Robotbase

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From Duy Huynh of Robotbase via ros-users@

Hi everyone!  A year ago, we began to play with Turtlebot 2 & ROS, and we love it!  Over the last 12 months, we've added a lot of hardware and software components on top of it.  

We would love to share what we've built with the ROS community.  And if you're interested in getting the same unit for your own development or research, we're selling it on Kickstarter now.  

Pick the Research Edition ($1,495)

Hardware specs:
  • Kobuki Mobile Base
  • 3D Depth Camera
  • Inforce 6410 Single-board Computer or better
  • 9" Screen or Larger
  • Servos
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Humidity Sensor, Temperature Sensor, CO2 Meter
If you're doing research in the Internet of Things & Connected Devices space, this Research Robot is perfect for you.  It can interface with almost all the connected devices on the market already.  We have built it as a Smart Home Automation System as well.  It has:
  • Wireless Z-Wave Plus
  • Zigbee
  • BLE
  • Wi-Fi
We'll also release our AI SDK, including:
  • Facial Recognition
  • Object Recognition
  • Speech Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • And more
As well as the remote control apps for the robot, so that you can control the robots from your phone locally or remotely.
  • Android
  • iOS
Of course, we'll pre-install ROS and Ubuntu on the robot.

Any question / comment / advice / feedback is much appreciated.  

My email is duy@robotbase.com.


Notes from the first Korean ROS Users Meetup

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Hi Everyone,

We held the first time ROS Korea users seminar & meetup in Seoul,
Korea on 21-22 of December 2014, hosted by OROCA (www.oroca.org), one
of the largest korean robotics community.

The seminar covered overview for introduction, navigation, moveit,
UAV, and community briefly by speakers from various groups in Korea.

We also prepared and shared a book "ROSBook_KR" for this meetup event.
It is now available for download from Github (free PDF version, total
261 page).

See the links below for the presentation slides of this meetup.


[presentation slides and example code]

free pdf book

We'd like to give special thanks to ROS development team, many ROS
users and our sponsor Yujin Robot Inc.

We <3 ROS!

Yoonseok Pyo

Shadow Robot - looking for a new Software Engineer

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from Ugo Cupcic

Job description
The role of software engineers at the Shadow Robot Company is to advance robotic systems, by implementing new solutions and algorithms, in order to realize complex tasks with complex robots. Think about all the knowledge and skills a human requires to lift a simple glass of water, and try to imagine how you'd implement that with a highly sophisticated robotic system. 

Should you join our team your job would center on solving real world problems using robotics. We work on highly challenging and simulating problems to deliver new solutions using advanced robotic systems. The job is quite versatile, ranging from driver development, to more high level cognition. Being part of a team of highly skilled individuals, we always strive to make you work on what you're best at.

Overall your goal will be making our robotic systems more reliable and easier to use for our customers. 

We're a small central London based company formed in 1987 with a well established reputation for developing top end robotic systems. Our core product is our robotic Hand, but we're also involved in a list of Robotics based projects for research, agriculture, space, medical, consumer, and other applications. 

We're a close knit team, all passionate about robotics and will be happy to share our knowledge in different domains, ranging from electronics to manufacturing.

Shadow's mission is to use robotics technology to solve real-world problems.

 Must have:
   - highly proficient in C++ or python
   - good knowledge of programming under Linux
 Nice to have:
  - previous experience or keen interest in robotics
  - previous experience using ROS (www.ros.org)
  - good knowledge of DVCS
  - experience programming in Qt

 - 2 to 4 years programming experience.


rosjava Video Tutorial

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From Anis Koubaa via ros-users@

I started a video tutorial series for rosjava. 
I just put the first video on creating rosjava workspace and is added to the Wiki

I will add more videos soon on rosjava tutorials including explanation of Talker Listener and making more advanced applications with rosjava. 

This is the link of the YouTube playlist for future rosjava tutorials

Hope this will be helpful.

If you have comments, on the video, let me know