Xaxxon Introduces Oculus Prime

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From Colin Adamson of Xaxxon Technologies

Oculus Prime is a new mobile robot from Xaxxon Technologies, available as a build-it-yourself kit, or fully assembled and calibrated. The aim of the project is to be both a low cost platform for getting going with ROS, and a capable internet controlled vehicle for remote monitoring.

It features an auto-docking charging station, four wheel gear-motors including rotational encoder, a 3-axis gyro, a large capacity LiPO battery, mini-ITX desktop PC internals, WiFi and bluetooth connectivity, tilting camera and lights, 2-way audio, mounting for an Xtion depth sensor, and always-on reliability.

It currently supports the ROS Indigo navigation stack running on Xubuntu 14.04. Near-future software enhancement plans include serving up the map via HTTP to internet connected clients, so initial pose and waypoints can be set within our standard web browser tele-op interface.

Software is fully open source of course, and the motors/gyro controller PCB is open hardware. The tough ABS frame is easy to assemble (and disassemble) with snap-together connections. We plan on offering interchangeable frame parts for swapping the Xtion with other sensors, depending on demand, as well as generic upper mounting plates.

For more information:
Product page: www.xaxxon.com/oculusprime
ROS wiki portal page: wiki.ros.org/Robots/Oculus_Prime
Get in touch for more info: www.xaxxon.com/contact

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