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Only a few days left to get your 15% discount from Clearpath Robotics for your own TurtleBot.

Announcement by Antons Rebguns of ua-ros-pkg to ros-users:

Hello folks,

I would like to announce the release of dynamixel_motor stack. This
stack allows you to control the full range of Robotis Dynamixel
motors, including AX, RX, EX and MX series. The code is not new, it's
a combination of packages relating to Dynamixel motors from ua-ros-pkg
neatly packaged into a single stack. Some people have already used
that code in ax12_controller_core and ax12_driver_core packages.

Documentation is available at http://www.ros.org/wiki/dynamixel_controllers.

Ubuntu packages for ROS Diamondback should be available shortly.


TurtleBotTurtleBot.com has launched! This new site provides access to TurtleBot information and also gives you new ways to access TurtleBot hardware. You can now order parts or assembled kits from several licensed vendors or take advantage of the open-source hardware designs to build your own robot from scratch.

For more information, you can check out the announcement on WillowGarage.com or head over to the new TurtleBot.com site.

Tully Foote of Willow Garage gave a presentation on "Open Source Robotics for the Home" which covers ROS, TurtleBot, and more. Video of this presentation is now available on fora.tv.

Announcement from Patrick Goebel of Pi Robot to ros-users

I have put together a little ROS package for doing face tracking using the idea described in the first paragraph below. Note that I have not yet added any feature learning as used in the TLD algorithm. Interested parties can check it out on the ROS wiki.

You can also use this package for tracking arbitrary patches of a video by setting the auto_face_tracking parameter to False and selecting the desired region with the mouse. This does not work as well as face tracking since face tracking uses the Haar detector to re-acquire the face if the number of tracked features falls below a prescribed minimum.

Let me know if you find any bugs or can think of improvements.



ubuntuDebian packages for ROS Diamondback are now available for Ubuntu Natty Narwhal. We have updated the Diamondback installation instructions so that you can now apt-get install ROS on your new Natty machines. Thanks to all in the community who have helped up upgrade ROS to the latest versions of GCC, Python, and other changes that came with Natty. A special thanks goes to Vincent Rabaud, who did a tremendous effort to get most of the 140+ ROS Diamondback stacks compatible with the latest Ubuntu release.

René Ladan has also updated the FreeBSD packages for ROS to the Diamondback versions, so you can now install the ros, ros_comm, documentation, and rx stacks.

The majority of stacks in ROS Unstable are now also compatible with the Natty release.

Find this blog and more at planet.ros.org.

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