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From Maxim Makatchev at CMU via ros-users@

Anouncing the release of Iwaki interaction and dialogue manager library and its ROS wraer:

Iwaki interaction manager is currently used to manage both
conversational (verbal and non-verbal) and task-related interactions
for two social robots at Carnegie Mellon University. The task-related
interactions include:
- information retrieval requests for a new version of Hala, the
bilingual robot receptionist at CMU Qatar,
- table-game playing interactions for an upcoming robot at CMU.

Iwaki includes a production system, inspired by COLLAGEN's plan tree
[Rich and Sidner, 1998], that interprets rules (recipes) stored in
XML. The production system approach allows creating interactions with
aspects of finite-state, frame/script, and information-state-based
dialogue management. The distribution includes examples and a manual
(under development).

Key features:
- Interactions are fully described by XML recipes.
- Flexible styles of dialogue management (form, script, information-state)
- Soft real-time, time-sensitive actions.
- Developed to be well-suited for multi-party interactions.
- Does not include resource management, for now.
- Can be used either as a C++ library or as a standalone process.

bloom 0.4.0 Released

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From William Woodall on ros-users@

I am pleased to announce a new version of bloom!

First some things everyone using bloom needs to know:
  • Fuerte support has been dropped
  • The 'bloom' branch has been deprecated in favor of the master branch.
    • All repositories will be automatically updated to reflect this next time they are used.
    • I have updated all the tutorials/docs I can find, but please report anything that is inconsistent with this change.
Now some new features of bloom 0.4.0:
The full changelog can be seen here:

I highly recommend everyone update and give it a try next time you are releasing a package. Please report and any issues you encounter here:

Happy releasing!

ROS OS Usage Survey Posted

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To facilitate the release timeline discussion please take a moment to fill out this survey about your ROS usage past and expected so we can make an informed decision going forward.  

We will keep this survey open through the end of the week.  

Announcing matlab_rosbag v0.3

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From Benjamin Charrow via ros-users@


I just released v0.3 of matlab_rosbag, a small library for reading ROS bags in matlab.

There are more features and things are much faster than they were.  I never publicly advertised v0.2, so I've included the full changelog below.


The repo:

The compiled library from sourceforge (Linux + Mac):

The (REP 132 compliant?) changelog entries:

0.3.0 (2013-06-09)
* Add equivalents of 'rosbag info', 'rosmsg show', and 'rosmsg show --raw' to ros.Bag
* Rename ros.Bag functions readMessage() to read() and readAllMessages() to readAll()
* By default, return simple messages as matrices instead of structs
* Improve overall performance; depending on the message type, reading messages is 2x-20x faster than v0.2
* Update build to use Groovy; much easier to compile everything

0.2.0 (2012-02-11)
* Improve performance for fixed size messages
* Various bugfixes (constants, primitive aliases, 0 length arrays)

0.1.0 (2012-02-04)
* Initial release using ROS electric

Announcing Vanderbilt University Repositories

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Vanderbilt University's Hunter Allen is proud to announce the official Vanderbilt University ROS repository!

This is the github repository for the full repository: https://github.com/allenh1/vanderbilt-ros-pkg

This is the github repository for P2OS on Groovy. We have updated the software to work with the new ROS. We will continue to improve as we can! https://github.com/allenh1/p2os

We'll get right on the documentation. :) 


ROSCon slides and videos posted

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Cross posted from osrfoundation.org


We're happy to announce that we've posted videos of the ROSCon 2013 talks, along with speakers' slides. They're linked from the program page. Clear your calendar; that's over 16 hours of ROSCon content.

Slides and/or video are missing for a few of the talks. They'll trickle in over time. We're also expecting to get photos from the official photographer soon. In the meantime, attendee photos are coming together on G+.

The final registration count was 288, up 37% from 2012. Thanks again to everybody for coming! And thanks to our sponsors, without whom we couldn't put on such an event.

Find this blog and more at planet.ros.org.

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