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New Package: argos3d_p100 package for groovy and hydro

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From Simon Vogl via @ros-users

We are happy to announce the argos3d-p100 ros package:

This package provides support for the  Bluetechnix Argos3D P100 ToF camera
based on the PMDSKD library that is provided with the camera, along with
a detailed installation how-to and a visualization example based on rviz.

Any comment/suggestions are welcome

ROS-Industrial Quarterly Community Meeting

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Shaun Edwards has anounced the next ROS Industrial Community Meeting

ROS-Industrial Quarterly Community Meeting

10:00 a.m. - 11:15 a.m. (CST) Thursday, December 5, 2013

Virtual Web Meeting


ROS-Industrial will host an open forum to discuss the general direction of the program, learn about new technologies, and to publicize the work and most importantly the needs of the community. All are invited, but the main target audience for this meeting are developers and end-users.



Agenda (CST)


·  Introductions and Forum Overview (Shaun Edwards - SwRI)

·  BRIDE Presentation and Q&A - A Toolchain for Model-Based Software Development
    (Alexander Bubeck - Fraunhofer IPA)

·  Upcoming Contributions (Community)

·  Wish List Discussion (Community)

·  General Q&A and Upcoming Events (Shaun Edwards - SwRI)


There is no fee to attend the meeting, but registration is required


We are soliciting community discussion about current activities or needs. Please contact Shaun Edwards if you have a topic of interest.


Check out our last ROS-Industrial virtual meeting.


We look forward to our upcoming meeting with you!

Driver for SICK TiM551 available

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From Martin Günther via @ros-users

A driver for the new SICK TiM551 laser scanner is now available
alongside the existing TiM310 drivers in our sick_tim3xx repository:


Node for using MFD and colored LEDs for Saitek X52 Pro

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From Christian Holl via @ros-users

Hi all,

If anybody wants to use ROS with the Saitek X52 Pro and it's multifunction display, here is my code for doing that:

The node is based upon the x52_pro_lib (credits to the programmer) which supports accessing every extended functionality of the joystick.

With the node you are able to set the text, the time field, the color for each button LED which supports color change, setting the back-light brightness, and printing text at any position of the display.

Inside the package there is also a node which can use any standard message basic type (bool, int, double or joy axis) as input to set the color of a specific button. Everything for this node is configured inside the launch file. There is a special syntax for which color is displayed at a specific value. A example of it, using the joy topic can be found inside the launch directory.
The example uses the wheel around button E to change the color of button A and B.

One of the buttons is green when the wheel is centered, while the other one is red. If the wheel is maxed in any direction, it's the other way round. In between, both buttons are yellow.

What's missing, but should be there:

-A node like the one for the colored buttons, but for printing the value as text on a specified position of the MFD.

-A time node which gets the system time and updates the time value on the MFD.

-awesome detailed documentation ( uh, sorry ;-) )

What would be really cool: 
A generic MFD Menu controlled by the selector wheels near the display, should be possible, if you are funny ;-)

Have fun!

Upcoming ROS Workshop in China

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Gaitech will be holding a workshop later this month to encourage the development of ROS in China, if you are in the area please get involved!

The Future of ROS and its applications


This workshop aims to discuss recent developments within ROS, and how they can be best utilized by Robotics researchers in China. With speakers from a number of top robotics institutions, and featuring sessions on trajectory planning in MoveIt, integrating your platform into ROS and computer vision, this is sure to be one of the best ROS events in China this year.


We would love to hear about the ROS research you're involved in, if you'd like to present your research in the end-user discussion session please let us know.


Contact us now to reserve your place!

For more information go to:


Dates: 23rd/24th  November 2013

Location: Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xuhui Campus.

Registration Contact:


本 次研讨会旨在探讨ROS近 阶段的发展,以及如何被中国机器人研究人员更好的利用。来自顶尖机器人研究机构的发言者,独具特色的MoveIt路 径规划、机器人平台集成以及机器视觉等议题,将使这次研讨会成为ROS在 中国最重大的事件之一。 我 们非常希望倾听到您在ROS领 域的研究,如果您愿意在最终用户研讨会上展示您的研究成果,请提前通知我们。

会议安排信 息:

会议时间:2013年11月23日—24日(23日上午报到) 会议地点:上海市上海交通大学(徐汇校区)机械与动力楼101室 联系 人:魏女士 电 话:18021014285 021-51098309 邮 箱

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