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New Repository: turbo-ros-pkg

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From Sebastian on ROS Users

Dear ROS users,

we, the Robotics and Biology Laboratory (RBO) at TU Berlin, are currently preparing the public release of our robotic software. Therefore, we would like to kindly request to index our new ROS package repository at

The repository already contains the stack "iap", consisting of our Interactive Perception library. It contains modules for feature tracking, image segmentation and detection of kinematic structures.

More infos coming soon!

Thank you and best regards, Sebastian

New Repository: dri-ros-pkg

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From Wouter Caarls on ros-users

Hi all,

We would like to announce the ROS repository of the Delft Robotics Institute. It currently contains stacks for extremum seeking control and saliency detection, as well as some miscellaneous packages. Expect more soon!

With kind regards,

Wouter Caarls.

From Piyush at University of Texas

We've just completed a ROSJava based wrapper for the April Fiducial Marker System from the APRIL lab at UMich. The package should be (in principle) compatible with any package that uses the ROS Wrapper around ARToolKit. Hopefully some of you might find it useful.

Stack page:

Bug reports:

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is launching a cooperative research consortium to accelerate the development of ROS-Industrial, an open-source extension of ROS focused on the needs of industrial users.

The ROS-Industrial Consortium (RIC) will enable the industrial robotics community to apply the advanced capabilities of ROS for industrial applications quickly and easily using a common platform, the ROS-Industrial open source software program. The consortium will conduct foundational, precompetitive research and code development at the direction of the membership. Test results, data, recommendations and analysis generated by RIC will create a competitive advantage for its members and will be protected from public disclosure for a period of time.

For more information see

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