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ROS 0.4 Release

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ROS 0.4

ROS 0.4 ("Mango Tango") has been released at SourceForge. ROS is the "Robot Operating System" that is the basis of our PR2 robot software development. If you're new to ROS, you can head over to the ROS wiki, where you'll find an overview, installation instructions, tutorials, and more.

Our first milestone was a major test of the robustness of ROS, requiring multiple days of continued operation of a 2D navigation stack with many software components interacting across multiple computers. We now feel that ROS is ready for an official release to the wider robotics community. Although this is an 0.4 release, we are committed to a stable API as we march towards a 1.0 release. For you early adopters that have been using ROS via Subversion, we appreciate your patience through the changes we have been making these past several weeks and hope that you will find this release a stable platform on which to continue developing.

This is the first of many releases of ROS in the coming months. In addition to future updates, we will be working on releasing parts of our Personal Robots software stack. We hope that you will find these drivers and algorithms useful in building robotics applications and accelerating research. Please feel free to give us feedback on this release on our ros-users mailing list or by filing feature requests (or bugs) in our ticket system.

ROS grew out of work at Stanford University, and contains contributions from community members around the world. It is released under a BSD license, making it available for both commercial and non-commercial use.

Find this blog and more at planet.ros.org.

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