New modular Care-O-bot generation released: Care-O-bot 4

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From Florian Weißhardt at Fraunhofer IPA via ros-users@

We've finished the new modular service robot generation of Care-O-bot - Care-O-bot 4.


Bild 1_Care-O-bot 4.jpg

In comparison to its predecessors, Care-O-bot 4 stands out in its modular design, extraordinary agility and multi-modal  interactivity. The five independent modules - mobile base, torso, arms, sensor ring, head - are easily plugged through standard connectors.  Care-O-bot can be thus be individually configured depending on the intended application: you can use the compact omnidirectional mobile base alone as a compact transportation device for payloads up to 150 kg. Equip the robot with one arm for simple manipulation tasks or with two arms for bimanual manipulation. If your application requires a large workspace of the arms, a spherical joint can be integrated that allows the torso to roll, pitch and yaw. This can be particularly helpful for picking objects from a shelf at different levels. A camera in the one fingered gripper enables object detection even in regions that are not covered by the cameras in the sensor ring or in the torso. Equip the Care-O-bot with a second spherical joint between torso and head if you need a large sensor coverage. Or if you want to move the touch screen integrated in the robot's head to a comfortable position for the individual user.


Discover all configuration options and all special features on the Care-O-bot website:


Bild 2_Care-O-bot 4.jpg

Watch Care-O-bot 4 as a gentleman:


Like for Care-O-bot 3, open source ROS drivers and simulation models are provided for all modules (see We intend to make it available as research platform for service robotics soon.  A the same time we envision to build a platform to create individual service robot solutions for commercial applications.


We are always looking for partners to advance the state-of-the art in service robotics and enlarge the ROS-based Care-O-bot community. Additionally to that we're searching for skilled ROS developers and have various open positions, see previous post at


Please let us know if you are interested to get more information on Care-O-bot 4. We are looking forward to any feedback!

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