DUO3D ROS node release

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From Krystian Gebis via ros-users@

Hello all,

Recently, I have been working on creating a ROS driver for the DUO3D camera. After working with the DUO team, I have managed to wrap ROS around the DUO API functions, and have the camera images be published as ROS messages' of type sensor_msgs::Image. For those of you who do not know about DUO3D, it is a new, relatively inexpensive, stereoscopic camera which allows for many different custom solutions such as better lens, wider baseline, etc. More information about DUO3D can be viewed here: https://duo3d.com/ . 

For those of you who are interested, here is a link to the github repository where I have developed the duo3d_camera node: https://github.com/l0g1x/DUO-Camera-ROS

As for now, I am still in the process of talking with DUO on how to package their shared libraries into a Debian package, so once I get that figured out with them, I will try to release the first version to the ROS repo.

I welcome everyone to give me feedback, as this is my first contribution back to the ROS community.

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