common 0.5.0 released

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common-0.5.0 has been released. There is one major change. The yaml-cpp package is being renamed yaml_cpp. For backwards compatability the old version of yaml-cpp will remain in the system until the next release which is targeted for next Wednesday.

Porting to the new package only requires changing the dependency in the manifest. Everything else is the same.

Major changes

  • yaml-cpp renamed to yaml_cpp as dashes are not allowed in package names

Minor changes

  • actionlib
    • Deprecating SimpleActionClient's getTerminalState() and getGoalState(). Replaced by getState()
    • SimpleActionClient's SimpleDoneCallback now provides a SimpleClientGoalState argument instead of a TerminalState. The TerminalState version is thus deprecated.
    • Deprecating the python SimpleActionClient's get_terminal_state() and get_goal_state(). Replaced by get_state()
    • The done callback passed to Python's SimpleActionClient now takes the terminal state as one of the enumerated constants in actionlib_msgs/GoalStatus


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