geometry 0.4.1 and common 0.6.1 released

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geometry 0.4.1 and common 0.6.1 have been released. This is a patch release. If you are having performance issues are wish to use these stacks with gcc 4.4 (e.g. Karmic Koala), please update.

Minor Changes

  • tf
    • patched TransformBroadcaster.sendTransform(*) methods to consistently remap
    • Fixed tf_monitor display of current chain to show last link
    • MessageFilter now remaps target frames (r25194, #3119)
    • MessageFilter now warns and immediately throws out messages with an empty frame_id (r25194)
    • Changed compile mode to Release from Debug r25374
    • Fixed usage message for static_transform_sender r25375
  • common
    • Koala/gcc 4.4 compatability.
    • filters patch for karmic compilation


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