navigation 0.5.1 released

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navigation 0.5.1 is a patch release that adds new tests and fixes a bug with a costmap_2d test.

New Features

  • amcl: Updating amcl so that the coordinate frames it uses can be set via parameters
  • costmap_2d: Can now save pgm files of the costmap to help with debugging if the user desires
  • costmap_2d: Added test to catch invalid costmap construction or updating due to improper raytracing or inflation

Bug Fixes

  • costmap_2d: Fixed a bug in obstacle re-inflation after raytracing
  • robot_pose_ekf: Update bag downloading and fix assert in regression test exit
  • base_local_planner: The local plan published by the planner for visualization purposes now includes orientation information
  • Fixed CMake deprecation warnings across all packages


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