navigation 1.0.4 released

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The navigation 1.0.4 patch update has been released. This release contains minor bug fixes and patches as documented in the change list below.

Change List

  • move_base_msgs
    • Messages now automatically generated from a .action file instead of being manually generated and checked in
  • navfn
    • Fixed a problem where debugging information was saved all the time. This was especially troublesome on the shared install on the robot where users don't have write permissions.
    • Fixed a bug in the validPointPotential method that could cause it to return false incorrectly
  • map_server
    • Changed the map_saver to use a latched topic instead of a service call to get the map.
    • Fixed a bug where the map_saver would save unknown space with a color value that did not match the threshold it wrote out to its yaml file.

Hope all is well, Eitan

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