ROS 1.1.1 Released

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ROS 1.1 has been released. This is an unstable development release to test and develop features for ROS 1.2. This comes quickly on the heals of the 1.1 release yesterday due to a bug in the new service generators. It also has some other miscellaneous changes.

Change list

  • rosmaster: subscribers now declare topic types, though they cannot overriding existing type declarations (r8745)
  • rosmaster: roslib.masterapi: Added getTopicTypes() to support subscribers declaring types (r8745)
  • rospy: bug fix to on_shutdown() (#2536 r8746)
  • rospy: removed support for deprecated /time topic
  • rostopic: support for subscriber-declared types (uses new getTopicTypes()) Master method
  • roslib: Links against rt to fix linking with the gold linker
  • roscpp: Fixed service generators to work with concurrent builds
  • roscpp: Removed support for deprecated /time topic

    -- your friendly neighborhood ROS development team

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