New brown-ros-pkg release: boxturtle-compatibility, gscam, ARToolKit support, and more

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brownBrown is pleased to announce the first of a series of summer software releases, beginning with a new BoxTurtle-compatible release of the Brown ROS Pkg.

As usual, the full details are available at:

Highlights include:

  • the aforementioned BoxTurtle compatibility
  • probe has become gscam, and is now compatible with the ROS camera interface, this means any camera or image source available to gstreamer can now be a calibrated part of an image_proc pipeline
  • a new node, ar_recog, exposing most of the functionality of ARToolKit through ROS messages
  • pr2_keyboard_teleoperator, providing full teleoperation of the PR2 from the keyboard
  • position_tracker, a simple odometry correction service

Please check it out and help us make improvements, and be on the look-out for more releases in the coming weeks, including: an ARTag odometry system, an improved NAO v1.6 compatible version of our NAO drivers, and more.


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