Kinect with ROS moving forward quickly

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The ROS/Kinect integration continues to progress quickly thanks to the efforts of the OpenKinect and ROS community. The initial ROS+Kinect contributors -- Alex Trevor, Ivan Dryanovski, Stéphane Magnenat, and William Morris -- have combined their efforts into a new ROS kinect stack. At Willow Garage, our engineers and researchers have also been working on the stack to improve the driver and integrate it with ROS libraries and tools. The community is now hard at work on solving problems like calibration, which will be important for using the Kinect in robotics. Feel free to sign up for the ros-kinect mailing list to keep up-to-date on the latest efforts.

We thought we'd make a quick video to show some of what's going on at Willow Garage with the Kinect. We've added features like multi-camera support and control of the Kinect motors to the popular libfreenect library. We're also working on making some fun Kinect hacks of our own -- watch until the end of the video to see where we are with those. We look forward to seeing your videos as well.

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