ROS on Windows

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Progress towards full windows support for ROS continues. This should help provide critical support for making personal robotics more accessible to consumers running Windows. Congrats to Daniel and everyone else who has contributed on getting things like roscore running, your efforts are appreciated. Below is the official announcement.

Announcement from Daniel Stonier to ros-users

Hi ros users,

Ok, something more of an official announcement for the

We have a mingw compiled ros working (minimally for windows) and also
started a stack to handle development of the tools and utilities. Some links
if you are interested in diving in::

Some tutorials

- Build Environment
- Runtime Environment

To contact us, bug reporting, feature requests:


Note that this is only early days yet - only the core packages have been
patched and we're also working on native msvc support, but any and all are
welcome to test and even better, contribute.

Daniel Stonier.

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