New ROS repositories: TYROS, LASA-ros-pkg, roblab-whge-ros-pkg

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Three more repositories were announced over the weekend:

LASA-ros-pkg: ROS node for position control of the Barrett WAM from EPFL-LASA.

roblab-whge-ros-pkg: The first contributed project is the ROSScan3D stack which creates 3D point clouds with semantic information like floors, walls, celling, room dimensions and the text of the doorplates found in this scan area. The 3D scan is created by a mobile robot, in this case a Roomba from iRobot, a Sick laser scanner LMS 100 and a Canon standard high resolution digital camera.

TYROS: The first published source there is TIChronos/src/ti_chronos_joy.cpp, which turns a Texas Instruments Chronos watch into a ROS-compatible joystick publisher. The included launch file works with turtlesim demo.

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