Announcing ROS Android Sensors Driver

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ros_android_logo.pngAnnouncement by Chad Rockey (maintainer of laser_drivers to ROS users

Hi ROS Community,

I've been working on a driver that connects the sensors in Android devices to the ROS environment. At this time, it only publishes sensor_msgs/NavSatFix messages, but I will soon introduce sensor_msgs/Imu and sensor_msgs/Image to publish data from accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, and front/rear cameras.

To get more information and to install, please see the following:

To file bugs, request features, view source, or contribute UI, translation, or other improvements, please see the Google Code project:

I hope everyone finds this useful and I look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing cool uses for Android devices in robotics.

- Chad Rockey


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