Fraunhofer IPA Announces a ROS Industrial Workshop

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ROS Industrial -- An Enabler for Industrial Robotics?

Development of Industrial Applications with ROS -- Experiences

October 17, 2012

The integration of hardware and software components into new automation applications is still a big challenge regarding interface adaptations, communication, conduction of components and integration tests as well as optimization of parameters for the target scenario. In addition, applications in the automation domain are often developed from scratch with only limited software reuse.

Using component-based development in combination with reuse of existing software and hardware components promises a significant improvement in efficiency for application development.

A prominent example for a widely used component-based framework is ROS, which focuses on code reuse in robotics research and development and offers already great variety of mature robotic soft - ware components (e.g. SLAM, motion planning, 2D/3D perception).

In this conference methods and procedures for the component based development with ROS are presented that increase the reusability of existing components. Furthermore, the ROS Industrial initiative is introduced that matches existing ROS components to the needs of industrial applications (e.g. quality assurance, robust - ness, etc.). Concrete examples how ROS is already used in industrial applications today are given in the conference.

We are looking forward to welcome you at Fraunhofer IPA at our conference.


In this conference we want to bring together representatives from academia and industry to exchange experiences on application development with ROS and clarify the needs of industry with respect to ROS Industrial. The participants have the opportunity to get information on the starting initiative of ROS Industrial and generate and influence the goals, timelines and development priorities of the community development.

Conference Topics:

  • Presentation of methods and procedures of component-based development with ROS
  • Introduction of the ROS Industrial initiative
  • Examples of successful technology transfer from academia to industrial applications
  • ROS for product development


This conference addresses developers of industrial robotic appli - cations, system integrators and executive personal of small and medium-sizeed enterprises as well as R&D division of larger companies in the field of automation, logistics and production.

Full details are available in the PDF Flyer

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