New Package: ccny_rgbd

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From Ivan Dryanovski on ROS Users

Hello everyone,

We are pleased to release ccny_rgbd, a collection of tools for fast
visual odometry and 3D mapping with RGB-D cameras. Highlight of the
software include:

 * RGB-D image processing pipeline
 * Fast, lightweight visual odometry, operating at 30+ Hz on VGA data
(single thread, no GPU)
 * 3D map server which supports saving/loading and graph-based optimization

The documentation is available at the ROS wiki:


This video shows an overview of the functionality:


The code is available for download on github, and currently supports
ROS fuerte and groovy:


The software was developed in conjunction with our upcoming ICRA2013
publication [1].



[1]  Ivan Dryanovski, Roberto G. Valenti, Jizhong Xiao. Fast Visual
Odometry and Mapping from RGB-D Data. 2013 International Conference on
Robotics and Automation (ICRA2013).

A quick update that I added Colored octomap export directly from the
keyframe_mapper. Info and some images available:

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