Anouncing the release of Iwaki interaction and dialogue manager library

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From Maxim Makatchev at CMU via ros-users@

Anouncing the release of Iwaki interaction and dialogue manager library and its ROS wraer:

Iwaki interaction manager is currently used to manage both
conversational (verbal and non-verbal) and task-related interactions
for two social robots at Carnegie Mellon University. The task-related
interactions include:
- information retrieval requests for a new version of Hala, the
bilingual robot receptionist at CMU Qatar,
- table-game playing interactions for an upcoming robot at CMU.

Iwaki includes a production system, inspired by COLLAGEN's plan tree
[Rich and Sidner, 1998], that interprets rules (recipes) stored in
XML. The production system approach allows creating interactions with
aspects of finite-state, frame/script, and information-state-based
dialogue management. The distribution includes examples and a manual
(under development).

Key features:
- Interactions are fully described by XML recipes.
- Flexible styles of dialogue management (form, script, information-state)
- Soft real-time, time-sensitive actions.
- Developed to be well-suited for multi-party interactions.
- Does not include resource management, for now.
- Can be used either as a C++ library or as a standalone process.

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