ROS Summer School at FH Aachen July 22nd to August 2nd

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The FH Aachen is offering a ROS Summer School for all interested students in the field of Robotics, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering. The Summer School

is planned for the 22nd July 2013 until the 2nd of August and will end with a competition with mobile robotics. There are plenty of different topics covered by the speakers:

Localization, Mapping, Navigation, RGBD cameras, Laser Range Finders, Arduino hardware, Image processing, SLAM, IMUs and a lot more. The hands-on workshop with a lot of

hardware elements, ends in assembling a "Robot Car" which is used for the later competition. In addition, we provide access to the well known Aldebaran Nao and Clearpath Robotic's Husky hardware in order to show different ROS implementations.

The ROS Summer School is designed to teach participants about how to get started with ROS; it is created for those who have had an interest in autonomous systems but didn't quite know how to get started. With that, organizers recommend students have a basic knowledge of Linux (Ubuntu) and one programming language such as Python or C++. The two-week program is made possible through Mobile Autonomous Systems and Cognitive Robotics (MASCOR), and key players including Prof. Walter Reichert, Prof. Stephan Kallweit, Prof. Alexander Ferrein, and Prof. Ingrid Scholl. Experiences such as this allow the ROS community to grow, and we are very excited to see what comes out of this event!

For more information or to register for the ROS Summer School, visit

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