ROS at ICRA: Self-Assembly of a Swarm of Autonomous Boats into Floating Structures

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From Jimmy Paulos to be presented at ICRA 2014

We will be presenting "Self-Assembly of a Swarm of Autonomous Boats
into Floating Structures" in the Monday session on Cellular and
Modular Robotics.  We present assembly planning techniques and scaled
experiments towards a vision for swarms of shipping-container sized
robotic boats which assemble man-made floating islands, hospitals, or
seaports on demand.  In our experiments, a poolside PC running the ROS
Master provided high level instructions and localization data to a
fleet of miniature boats running ROS nodes on Gumstix

This work was a collaboration between the laboratories of Professor
Mark Yim and Professor Vijay Kumar of the GRASP Robotics Lab at the
University of Pennsylvania.  A link to videos is below, along with the
paper authors and title to appear.

Ian O'Hara, James Paulos, Jay Davey, Nick Eckenstein, Neel Doshi,
Tarik Tosun, Jonathan Greco, Jungwon Seo, Matthew Turpin, Vijay Kumar,
Mark Yim

Self-Assembly of a Swarm of Autonomous Boats into Floating Structures

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