Ologic Announces integration between ROS and Project Tango

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From Ted Larson

OLogic has been involved with Project Tango since the very beginning of the project, however we have always had our eyes on the goal of utilizing it for robotics applications.  The solution to the problem of indoor localization and mapping is one of several areas Project Tango is focused on, and when you overlap this with robotics, it is a perfect fit.    Google has provided several SDK's for working with project Tango in either Java, C, or Unity, and has shown some impressive demos using sparse mapping under Unity, to navigate around 3D virtual worlds, or games on the device.  The phone has the ability to perform Visual Inertial Odometery (VIO), and we wanted to extend this to use within the context of ROS.  We wrote some ROSJava Nodes that use the SDK to access the VIO to publish pose, transform frames (tf), and odometry messages.  This allowed us display a URDF of a floating phone on a map, in RViz and show the position information of where the phone is located in the office, in near-real-time.  We have several demo videos of our summer intern, roaming around the office with a Project Tango phone, while we visualize the phone's position and orientation in 3D space.  It is just a starting point for all the things we want to do with Project Tango and ROS, but we have a good framework in place to add other nodes into the puzzle, and get to the point soon where we will be able to navigate a robot around the office with only a Project Tango phone for the brains.  The project is available via a public project on Github https://github.com/ologic/Tango and all the build instructions for getting it running on a Tango device is there via the Wiki.  There are lots of helpful hints and tips on building 3D maps using the Tango Mapper application (the one that Google provides), and then taking those maps and bringing them into ROS to try to navigate a space using an existing ROS robot.   We will be adding to the project continually, as it is still definitely a work-in-progress.

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