New Book: ROS By Example: Packages and Programs for Advanced Robot Behaviors

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From Patrick Goebel via ros-users@

Hello ROS users,

I am pleased to announce that Volume 2 of ROS By Example is now available on

The main chapter headings are as follows:

1. Scope of this Volume
2. Installing the ros-by-example Code
3. Task Execution using ROS
4. Creating a URDF Model for your Robot
5. Controlling Dynamixel Servos: Take 2
6. Robot Diagnostics
7. Dynamic Reconfigure
8. Multiplexing Topics with mux and yocs
9. Head Tracking in 3D
10. Detecting and Tracking AR Tags
11. Arm Navigation using MoveIt!
12. Gazebo: Simulating Worlds and Robots
13. Rosbridge: Building a Web GUI for your Robot
Appendix: Plug and Play USB Devices for ROS

A full table of contents can be found here.

Note that this first release is written for ROS Hydro and programming examples are written in Python.

The print version should be available by the end of August 2014.

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