Announcing package for the Schunk Servo-electric 5-Finger Gripping Hand SVH

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From Georg Heppner via ros-users@

Hi everyone,

it is my pleasure to announce the schunk_svh_driver[1] package that you can use to control the Servo-electric 5-Finger Gripping Hand SVH [2] produced by Schunk.

The SVH is the first 5 finger hand which is produced in series and enables a wide range of complex motions due to its 1:1 scale and anthropo­morphic design. It provides an easy interface for standalone usage as well as integration into your project, comes with a detailed 3D-Model based on the orginal CAD Data and was tested extensively during several public demonstrations like the Automatica. A comprehensive documentation is already provided on the wiki and should allow you to easily use the package in your projects. At [3] you can see a Youtube video of the hand in combination with the LWA4P for which an early version of this package was used.

The package is currently available via git [4] and will soon be available via package manager. It was tested with hydro and indigo but should work under most circumstances.

Please let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions or any trouble using the package.

Best Regards
Georg Heppner


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