ROS Community Workshop, ERF 2015

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from Rich Walker - the Shadow Robot Company

We take ROS very seriously at Shadow - it's at the heart of our robots and systems.

As part of that, we've organised a ROS Community workshop at the European Robotics Forum this year, on Friday 13th at 16.15 in Room 2.

The workshop has three parts:
  1. Overviews of ROS - where it is, where it's going, what the Big Picture is.
  2. Lightning talks on problems in ROS now - what makes it hard or easy or you to use it? What would help?
  3. Roadmapping - what do we need and in what order? What's important?
If you use ROS, or you manage a project that relies on ROS, you should come to the workshop and contribute!

If you want to know more, or you have a definite lightning talk to give, then please get in touch. - see this link for the webpage with contact details!

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