Announcing Social Robot Maggie working with ROS

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From Raúl Pérula-Martínez via ros-users@

Hello ROS community,

I have the pleasure to present a new robot in the ROS family. The Social Robot Maggie ( from the RoboticsLab ( at University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain, is working now completely with ROS.

Here the ROS wiki page for more info:

Furthermore, we would love to share what we have developed with the ROS community. We have published several packages in GitHub and soon we show some videos on how it is working.

Here the repository:

Until now, we have released everything developed for the low-level of the robot. These nodes control the devices (motors, touch sensors, labjack controller, IR controller, servomotors, RFID, etc.) of the robot. And almost everything is implemented with unit tests and testing nodes.

We hope that our work could be useful for the community.

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