Autonomous Driving R&D Intern at Bosch in Palo Alto

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From Jeff Johnson via ros-users@

The Autonomous Driving Team ( of the Bosch Research and Technology Center in Palo Alto is looking for highly motivated interns with a strong desire for solving complex and interesting problems. We offer intern projects for a variety of topics, including ROS software development, perception, sensor fusion, planning, physics/traffic simulation and computer vision.

Interns will work closely with staff researchers on a directed research project related to the candidate's background. Examples contain (but are not limited to):

- Perception: Topics in sensor calibration, on-line monitoring to detect out-of-calibration sensors, turn signal detection, classification, etc.
- Deep learning: Topics in computer vision (traffic light, vehicle turn signal, road surface detection) and prediction (vehicle trajectories, driver intent, situation analysis)
- Localization: Improving vehicle localization in GPS-limited environments, e.g. using visual localization and tight GPS/IMU coupling.
- Prediction: Improving behavioral prediction of traffic participants, e.g. through learning traffic behavior patterns from data, or by incorporating turn signal information.
- Planning: Motion & behavior planning, automated behavior testing via traffic scenario generation and modeling in simulation.

Details and online application:

Availability: all year

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