Navigation Engineer Position at Rapyuta Robotics

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From Daiki Maekawa via ros-users@

We are recruiting colleagues to work together with us.

At Rapyuta Robotics we're developing the next generation of low-cost, cloud-connected robotic systems. We're a technology spin-off from ETH Zurich.

If you have skills below, let's work together!


1. Ph.D. or Master's degree in a related field
2. Experience with perception and/or motion planning on real-world robots
3. Proven experience developing software using C/C++
4. Experience working in Linux operating system environment
5. Knowledge of algorithms and data structures relevant to robotics
6. Basic English communication skills

Desired skills:
(not required but would be nice)

1. Python programming skills
2. Solid understanding of mechanics and dynamics

For more details contact

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