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From Daniel Stonier via ros-users@

This is just a heads up with regards to a few new third party packages on the ros apt-get server that others might find useful:

Google's optimization solver library. It is not a catkin 3rd party, but packaged by Vincent Rabaud and available via the usual ros apt-get server. We were doing everything by source for months before finding out Vincent had packaged it for us - thanks Vincent!

A really awesome c++ implementation of lie groups by Hauke Strasdat built on top of Eigen. Thanks Hauke!

Backports some useful features for qt's imshow from 3.0 to the ubuntu system release of 2.4.x. It lets you zoom, save, and run from parallel threads (great for use on top of ecto).

A new comms release from the author of zeromq (official web page). We often use this for lightweight communications on low level arm boards that can't support ros. Cross compile with catkin from source for the arm boards, or use the deb for the pc side.

Enjoy your robot'icking!

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