New toolchain for building catkin packages: catkin_tools

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From Jon Bohren via ros-users@

Some ROS devs got frustrated with Catkin. You won't believe what happened next!
This is what they built:

Quick summary:
- `catkin_tools` is an improved toolchain for building catkin workspaces
- this toolchain is ready for beta testing, and we want your feedback
- the CLI command is simply called `catkin`
- the build sub-command is `catkin build`
- it builds packages with isolated build directories (no CMake crosstalk)
- it builds packages in parallel
- it builds "pure" CMake packages that don't use Catkin macros
- it lets you build selected packages in a workspace
- it lets you build packages without cd'ing to the workspace root
- it needs to be tested more before being recommended over `catkin_make`
- the documentation for all the additional features can be found here:

Install it now (from the ROS debian repos):
sudo apt-get install python-catkin-tools

Or install it now (from PIP):
sudo pip install -U catkin_tools

Take a look at the cheat sheet:

Give it a try and report issues or feature requests here:

For some background and the relationship to the current top-level `catkin_make` command:

Many thanks to Contributors:
William Woodall
Jonathan Bohren
Nikolaus Demmel
Dave Coleman
Felix Ruess
Dirk Thomas
Kartik Mohta
Thibault Kruse
Ian McMahon
Kei Okada

Those of us who've put time into this project over the last year hope that `catkin build` makes your lives less stressful and helps you build robotic systems faster. 

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