ROS Cheatsheet updated for Indigo Igloo

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From Aaron Blasdel via ros-users@

The good old ROS CheatSheet has just been released for Indigo. If you know anyone just starting out in ROS please send this on to them.

I recently performed some much needed cleanup, reformatting, and content addition for the CheatSheet. Most notably the GUI tools section has been greatly improved and includes information on the RQT toolset.

Further it now comes in two flavors, New and Improved Catkin Flavor and Original Extra Crispy Rosbuild. Many thanks to Kei Okada of the JSK lab for adding this dual build functionality and his edits for Hydro!

If you find any errors or glaring omissions please create an issue so we can discuss them or a pull request to fix it on the ros/cheatsheet repo.

I hope this is helpful!

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