Open Position at Clearpath Robotics: PR2 Support Technologist

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From Ryan Gariepy via ros-users@

Are you more of a hardware hacker than a algorithm developer, but still want to get involved with the core of ROS and the ROS community? We're continuing to expand - this job may be for you!


Position:        PR2 Support Technologist 
Location:        Kitchener, Ontario
Experience:    1+ Years hardware prototyping experience
Education:      Undergraduate degree or college diploma in related field

About Us

Clearpath Robotics designs and builds service robots to automate the world's dullest, dirtiest and deadliest jobs.  Our clients range from small local businesses to some of the biggest, best known companies on the planet. We built Clearpath by offering hardware and services to support advanced robotics R&D and are now expanding into commercial and industrial service robot deployments.

We employ a diverse and highly talented team who live and breathe robotics.  We believe that work must have a high "cool" factor and every day should bring new knowledge. We need more passionate people on our team who are willing and able to push the boundaries of robotics into focused and practical applications. 

Clearpath is automating the world and we need your help.  Got what it takes?

About the Job

The PR2 is the most complex and capable ROS robot out there, and we have to keep it running. Over 50 institutions use the PR2 for cutting edge robotics research. The PR2 support infrastructure consists of a server backend, test benches, and knowledgeable teammates. Due to the continued worldwide use of the PR2 platform, we need another PR2 doctor.

As a PR2 Support Technologist your job is to diagnose misbehaving PR2 hardware. You will respond directly to customer support tickets in a timely, courteous, fashion. You will certify the functionality of replacement hardware before it is sent to our valued customers. You will receive assistance from the rest of the Clearpath production, engineering, and operations teams to ensure that your work is as streamlined as possible. You must be a master problem solver, able to track down complex problems and solve them.

Your primary responsibilities will be:

* System level diagnosis of PR2 issues by examining client provided data
* Technical communication with PR2 users on forums, on our support network, and in person at ROS events
* Advanced hardware re-work with PCB design, assembly and testing
* Network troubleshooting, on the PR2 itself and on the test benches

About You

You want to work for a fast-paced growing company that thinks big and dreams huge. You are driven, view work as more than just a job, and are never satisfied with less than 100% effort. You want to be surrounded by people like you; creative, fun-loving, and passionate about their work. You are motivated by making an impact on your workplace and you thrive on challenging and rewarding problems.

You know how to build a robot, full stop...even if you've never done it before. You are able to take a scope and run with it, seeking help and feedback when necessary. You aren't afraid of getting your hands dirty in the shop, soldering a surface-mount component, or compiling code from a command line. You may not care for theory because you've already started building the hardware.

Required Experience/Skills

* Problem Solving and Debug skills are paramount
* Strong Technical Communicator (written and verbal)
* Well organized and responsive, with basic negotiation skills
* Design, prototyping, soldering, and debugging of basic circuits & PCBs
* Comfortable working in a Linux environment
* Strong networking knowledge, programming knowledge in C++ and Python
* Design and drafting of basic mechanical assemblies

Bonus points for

* Analysis of large tables of data 
* Worked with relevant sensors and actuators (LIDAR, cameras, motor controllers, EtherCat, etc)

What Now?

Apply through our online job portal using this link ( Please submit cover letter along with your resume. Instructions for sending supporting documentation, including testimonials as well as references, pictures, web links, drawings, code samples, or other indications of exceptional past work will be provided in the confirmation email sent by our system upon receiving your application. Please include "PR2 Support Technologist" in the subject of any further communications. 

No recruiters or form cover letters, please. They do not please our mechanical masters.

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