ROS Summer School at East China Normal University

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ROS Summer School 2015

July 23-26

East China Normal University, Shanghai, China

Since 2012, many college students, researchers and engineers have been learning ROS (Robot Operating System) for their robotics projects when the robustness and maintainability of ROS keeps improving. Since 2013, many robotics companies in China have realized the importance of ROS, started recruiting ROS developers and integrating ROS into their robotic products. However, learning ROS framework and its associating components involves a very wide range of knowledge, which not only requires developers to master software development skills, but also to be familiar with robot hardware and even the background of specific industrial applications.

For most people, learning and using ROS is a slow and painful process. Our ROS Summer Schools 2015 (organized by Intelligent Robot Motion and Vision Laboratory, East China Normal University, Shanghai, China) provides a quick and in-depth learning opportunity for ROS beginners and advanced ROS users.

In the first day, some robotics companies are invited to present their profiles, how they use ROS in their products and recent developments of robot industry in China. In the second day, we start with some introductory ROS courses for beginners. In the third day, we tackle the main tasks of integrating ROS with mobile autonomous robots, i.e. perception, localization and navigation. In the fourth day, we continue some advanced topics and skills interesting to many advanced ROS users.

This ROS Summer School also includes some leisure activities, such as sharing the start-up experience, companies and job seekers discussion, etc. Every day, attendees have a chance to win prizes, including ROVIO robots, iRobot Create, Asus Xtion Pro Live RGB-D camera, iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Robot. For how to win a prize and registration, please visit our official website for the details.

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