Liatris: Determine object pose & identity using a touch screen and RFID reader

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From Mark Silliman

Liatris is a new open source project built with ROS.  Liatris determines any object's identity and precise pose using a touch screen and RFID reader.

The robot in the video is programmed to identify and grasp any object placed on the touch screen, regardless of the object's shape, size or positioning. Liatris can immediately identify the object and determine its orientation using capacitive touch and RFID technology. It discerns the object utilizing the CAD model downloaded from the Liatris API and uses instructions provided in the API to physically grasp the object. The instructions define the optimal way in which the robot should grasp a specific object while avoiding collisions with other objects (thanks to MoveIt.)

The result is an accurate 3D perception and mobile manipulation solution.

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