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From Mike Purvis via ros-users@

roslint has been updated to the newest versions of its underlying linters, pep8 and cpplint, thanks to some work by Alex Henning. Version 0.10.0 has been released into Indigo and Jade and will be available in shadow shortly. Relevant PRs:

If you are the maintainer of one of these roslint-using packages, be aware that this change may result in new lint warnings on your package. Especially if you use the roslint_add_test macro to run the linter as part of a package's unit tests, you may want to grab roslint 0.10.0 from shadow so you can verify packages in advance of the next sync.

If you're not currently a roslint user, but develop (or maintain) ROS packages, consider integrating roslint. We use it on a bunch of our internal software at Clearpath-- having stuff linted upfront is great for making code review about the real design and implementation issues, and not about style.

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