Announcing Grasp Package based on Topographic Features

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From David Fischinger via ros-users@

We are pleased to announce a new package for grasp calculation on unknown and known objects.

This package receives a point cloud representing objects and identifies where to best place the gripper. The algorithm does not require segmentation or a-priori knowledge about the objects. It has already been employed on various platforms, including a PR2 [4], a Kuka LWR [5], a Schunk arm [6] and the service robot Hobbit [7].

More details, a scientific foundation and evaluation results can be found in an IJRR journal publication from August 2015 [1], a more technical description and a simple getting started guide can be found at [2]. Code is available on GitHub [3].

Currently Indigo is supported.


  1. ? IJRR publication 2015 or (final revision)
  2. ? Technical description, Getting started
  3. ? Code on GitHub


PR2, unknown objects

Kuka arm, known object

Schunk arm, unknown objects in box

Service robot Hobbit

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